LURA Cleaning System

Lura Premium cleans with the force of nature!

Lura cleans the air where rain can’t reach.

As found in our beautiful nature, the air is actually washed in Lura. Dust, dirt, pollutants and allergens are bound in the water. Allergy and asthma sufferers can breathe freely again. Lura only needs about 2.5 litres of tap water and specially developed new separator slats to do this work without a dust bag.

Lura Premium multi-purpose wet dry vacuum cleaner is a product of superior quality, is easy to operate and has exceptionally high-suction power.

We have not invented air and room cleaning systems, we just want you to have it easier!

Results that make us proud!
Minimum setting: 50 m³/h
Medium setting: 204.5 m³/h
Maximum setting: 249.3 m³/h

Certificate Healt Care for Lura Premium TUV Certification - German product certification service

The Center of Preventative Medicine – ZPmed® certifies that the product LURA® Premium from the product category Room Cleaning Systems by the company LURA INTERNATIONAL complies with the requirements of preventative medicine as being a health product. This product is considered suitable for health care.

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Lura Water Cleaner

The ideal cleaner for allergy sufferers and pet lovers!

Small, light and easy!

Our Lura Premium air and room cleaning system is smalllight and can be operated easily. It can be used by all household members, whether young or old. Lura weighs only 6 kg! It is a pleasure to clean with Lura Premium.

The specially developed electric brush with vibration cleans thoroughly like no other.

Yes, we have a HEPA filter of class 13!
For you an additional protection, after the thorough water filtration with our special separator system. To minimize hazards in the air.

If you plan to buy a water vacuum cleaner, you should not do this without testing Lura Premium.


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You will love it!

Lura Premium is now available!

Manufacturer’s RRP for the Premium Deluxe package: € 3,995.00 (incl. VAT)
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Lura Premium components

Lura 3 meter suction hose

3-meter suction hose

Lura Combination Nozzle for carpets and hard floors

Combination nozzle

for carpets and hard floors

Lura electric hose

Electric hose

Lura electric brush

Electric brush

Lura crevice nozzle

Crevice nozzle

Upholstery nozzle

Upholstery nozzle

Lura hard floor nozzle

Hard-floor nozzle

Lura dust brush

Dust brush

Lura accessory holder

Accessory holder

Lura brush with a wrench

Brush with a wrench

Electric aluminium pipes

Electric aluminium pipes

Small electric brush

Small electric brush

Lura Premium Handle

Lura Premium handle

Lura HEPA 13 Filter

HEPA 13 Filter

Lura Premium wet cleaning components

Lura wet cleaning component

Carpet & floor washer nozzle

Lura wet cleaning component

Upholstery washing nozzle

Lura wet cleaning component

Wet cleaning hose

Lura electric brush

Carpet & floor washer nozzle

Lura wet cleaning component

Fresh water chassis

Wet cleaning pipe with fresh water pipe

Wet cleaning pipes

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